Octavia Estates

Octavia Estates was established in 1991 to undertake development and refurbishment projects all over the UK in both the residential and commercial sectors. We have now completed projects with a value of over £50million, we are a well-respected and trusted group.

For the last twelve years we have been moved towards a joint venture model. Originally we were approached by two different parties asking us to work with them through the development process to maximise their returns but minimise the development risk.

This approach has grown into a fully established form of business, one of which we enjoy and are good at. In essence we allow building or site owners to become involved in the development business sitting alongside Octavia Estates.

Octavia tends to focus on residential projects but in 2018 we formed a partnership with Bride Hall Real Estates Management Ltd to pool all our projects and expertise. This partnership is an exciting route forward and enables us to undertake more complex developments and provides us with a wider base of professionals.

In summary, we are trustworthy and reliable. We have existed through three recessions and we know have to survive in a difficult market and really prosper when the markets improve. 

Octavia Estates